Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Toronto Vintage Clothing and Textile Show

I know I said we'd closed the shop but we are still selling. Most Sundays we can be found at the Sunday Antique Market (that's its real name but most people just know it as the St. Lawrence Market) located at the corner of Jarvis & Front Streets. There's been some sort of market on this site almost since Toronto began. On Saturdays it's a food and farmers' market and on Sundays it's antiques. It starts early and goes 'til 5:00pm. We can be found just inside the main Front Street entrance, just opposite the washrooms. Convenient for all concerned.

But that's not what this post is about.

For the past number of years we've been selling at the Toronto Vintage Clothing and Textile Show. Probably the best vintage clothing show around. For many years it was held at the tiny charming Enoch Turner Schoolhouse (the oldest schoolhouse in the city of Toronto) and then we had to move. I think the neighbors objected to the noise of dealers grunting at 5:00 am while they were humping their merch from the street into the building. For the last couple of shows we were in the beautiful scenic Barbara Frum Atrium at the CBC building. A very nice venue right downtown and convenient to public transit and lots of parking and parking lots.

It was perfect.

Naturally it couldn't last. Now there's construction and no parking and yadayadayada. What this means is: we got tossed.

Also in the past, this once a year show has been held the first weekend of March, which still left us open to lousy weather and loading in the snow problems. Last year ice falling off the CN Tower caused police to block the surrounding streets. This translated to tough loads/unloads for the dealers and trouble getting to the show for our customers. But our customers are a hardy bunch of Canadians and many made it and were very happy they toughed it out.

Now, oh joy, oh joy, this very week we heard that
June Troy, the show's promoter has a new location lined up and has, after much begging, pleading and urging by her dealers, moved the date to the end of the month which should help with future storms or other nature-based mayhem.

I'll publish all the info as soon as the contracts are signed and everything's confirmed.

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