Saturday, September 29, 2007

Danger. Keep Off Roof.

Up at the crack of dawn and off to the penultimate Flamboro of the season and bloody cold it was too. And at the field we added damp to the mix with a very nice fog hovering. I was dressed very sensibly, suitably layered and toasty and all, while quite a few hardy Canadians were comfortably strolling around in sweaters, shorts and sandals. Pioneer material I am not.

But the fog burned off and by 9:00am a lovely fall day.

Here's what I saw:

a great soapbox racer, sold very, very early in the day

art needs no explanation, it stands or falls on its own
or sometimes it just leans

a beautifully alligatored hutch from Ed Locke

file under: terminally cute

file under: little red shovels, box of

file under: spools, box of

and the crew from TreasureHD was there

wanted to get this WPA kit, but didn't

Elaine was shopping along with her dog, Hanna, and Hanna's dog, ChiChi

Always good advice; wanted to get this and did.

So, all in all, a good time time was had by all. Except certain wives who didn't get any jewelry.

There's always next time.

As long as we remember: Danger. Keep Off Roof.

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Marla said...

Did any little red shovels follow you home? I think I need one. Or ten. Yes - ten. Or maybe seven. Things arrange themselves better in odd numbers.