Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lost and Found, Baby

I think we're all thrilled when we find something, whether it's something we lost or that someone else did.

This week I found a pin: a little gold filled Victorian pin with patent dates of 1910 and 1913. Okay, so technically it's not Victorian.

I'm calling it a bib pin. These little decorative pins are worn today as lapel pins, either singly or or in groups, but I've always known them as bib pins: used to hold an infant's bib in place. The first one I ever bought was at auction. It was silver and had the word "BABY" in high relief.

The thrill of finding the thing often outweighs the thing's value. It proves that some things are free, although they came at a cost to someone else, and that from time to time we get lucky!

While on Facebook, I made another find. The daughter of a friend, another antique dealer. She's finished school and is traveling through Australia.

The daughter of another friend is teaching English in Japan. And I'm following her progress as well.

It was lucky to find the pin, and I was lucky to reconnect with these kids, and that's what Facebook is supposed to be about, I think.

You can find me snooping around on Facebook.

Looking to get lucky.
PZ made me strike that, but I thought it was a good line.

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