Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catch o' the Day

Yes, it's true I am a slut for shoes, so today's 2nd hand store find is a pair of desert boots by Tricker's of Jermyn Street. Beautifully bench made and a great fit with the only caveat being that the crepe soles don't go well wet with tile floors. I nearly went tits up at the library. The tiles were dry, the soles were wet.

Found the shoes after this morning's audition for the Don Cherry bio pic and before a birthday lunch with Rosemary at Not Just Dim Sum. (Which rhymes with yum), on Finch at Yonge. Pretty funny since we live a five minute walk from Chinatown.

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Marla said...

Lovely! I'm hopiing to hit the dregs of this sale on Saturday - Shoes, Glorious Shoes: