Friday, August 27, 2010

Professorial digs

We went to the outskirts of the city today to pick through the estate of a well known and well respected philosophy prof. A lovely mission/arts and crafts style cottage on the the edge of a ravine which made for dank pickings. Much larger inside than the exterior would have you believe, it contained a warren of bedrooms and studies. The attic was crammed full of trunks and tea chests which naturally we managed to liberate.

Not much else. The few bits of antique I picked turned out to be poor choices: a beautiful old cast iron dutch oven and a lovely brass bladed fan. The dutch oven, I should have examined it there but the light was poor, was marked: made in Taiwan.

The fan, which I knew wasn't working, also had a massive crack in the base which I didn't see. Oh well, la de dah. La dee dah.

I did have my my pick though of the clothes though. We're almost the same size but not enough. The jacket including a beautiful but moth eaten Norfolk  (which I should have taken just for the fabric), several pair of jodhpur boots, sadly not my size. A Fulbright scholar who taught at a number of institutions before settling in at U of T,  he did manage to shop at the local campus shops for some great trad gear.

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Cara West said...

Though spiders and mothballs
could've annoyed
It looks like a certain Yank
Certainly enjoyed.