Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's Fall, It's Hot Potato Time

Another Saturday, another antique show.

This time it was up and at 'em early for the dawn opening of the Flamboro Antique Show held at the Aberfoyle Antique Market field.

A lovely day, with just a hint of autumn in the air, the dealers were set up and ready to sell, ready to deal, but I sensed that, like many of us, they were also there to move their dogs: things they'd been carting around a while. Sure it's the end of the season, but perhaps the end of an era as well. It's hot potato time, flip that piece as soon as possible; no more sitting on an item to try to get the best possible price.

Many long time dealers have a new perspective: fast turnover. So if you're shopping folks, now's the time to strike that deal.

Hard core collectors were out filling in gaps in their collections, and others were just picking up the odd knick knack or piece of furniture, making a day of it.

But there were also faces I didn't see: people that used to show up regularly at every single show, rain or shine.

Sad to say, but this show seems to be getting smaller every time, with quite a few empty dealer spots. The public turnout seemed to be strong enough, cars were still steadily arriving when we left around 10:30, but I couldn't get a sense of what, if anything, was selling. A big change from what it once was, perhaps reflective of the overall state of the industry.

The only thing I bought was another suitcase; I don't sell them, but they do get rented out to photographers and the movies. This one was well be-stickered, and it'll earn its keep.

Good thing I'm out of the potato business.

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genuine vintage said...

Follow up: The day after I asked a number of dealers how they did. The overwhelming response was: surprisingly well! Perhaps due to the lack of competition? At least people were shopping.